Writing is my destiny! When I was young, I never wanted to be a writer. I was a good reader, I couldn’t stop reading books and felt astonished. I asked myself how could writers write all these amazing things and what time it could take. And then, after reading lots of books and magazines, I started writing little stories, some thoughts… I showed it to my friends, they enjoyed it! On holidays, I always took some time to write stories and stopped when I came back to school. One day, I was talking about writing and books with some friends from abroad, and I told them I wrote stories. They liked them and encouraged me to write more.
That’s when I started to believe than I had some skills and my father’s genes: my father is a writer and writes books. I told myself I could maybe be writer.
But when I started college, I forgot about writing because I studied something different… I once told my college friends that I wrote and believed I had some skills so I wrote a new story. They liked it and said that I was talented and had a good imagination! So, I wrote more and now I can’t stop writing and imagining stories. When i get my diploma, I decided to study English because I want to write in English as well and make my english better. Today, after this journey, one single thing comes to my mind and sticks: “Someday, I’ll be a writer, because it’s my destiny.”

My Book

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