Luckily, when I was young, I was surrounded by books. Maupassant, Poe & Lovecraft’s novels, for instance, accompanied me daily giving to my spirit a lot of different emotions like sadness, happiness, fright or cheerfulness. I think that, for a passionate reader, the gap to try to become a writer is really very small. Every person has something to tell about his life, thoughts or ideas, every life is different from another and full of various content. Why not spread it to the world and make it a little bit brighter? Only words’ purity and strength can make us smarter and sheltered, going towards the day when we’ll have peace of mind, no external restrictions and absolute clarity over what’s right or wrong. I hope to give my little contribution to reach this utopian vision, even though time is always missing for a civil engineer. But, let’s not give up and release our emotions! All together!

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