I was born in Rome, under the constellation of Pisces and the third Moon of March.
I am the perfect thief!
Since my early childhood, my eyes were able to steal the form of things, to absorb the elegance of shapes, the combination of colours that inspire poets, the secret connection between light and shadow, the balance of mixed flavours, but, most of all they could discern the paths leading to the imaginative creations of the mind.
I dream and I am in touch with all I need to express myself in my everyday life.
As for music, I visualize it, even before I actually listen to it, as a cathedral-like structure, with spires and pinnacles and that is the peculiar way it remains fixed in my memory, the way I enjoy it.
Smells are the soundtrack of my life; scented memories of places, names, people always vivid in me. I am fascinated by the body language, those little involuntary movements that reveal the well protected, hidden side of creatures. They tell me about wishes, hopes, fears, for shape is not appearance.
I have always refused to focus on single disciplines for fear of losing the larger perspective.
I talk with plants, animals tell me their stories, and …electronic devices seem to refuse to work properly in my presence (much to repairmen satisfaction).
My hands instinctively know what to do to “make”.
A witch! I would have been labelled in past times.
A synesthetic one! now, in the new millennium.

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